Participation in Tehnoma 2015

The importance of collaboration between companies and scientific research institutions was one of the main subjects at the second day of Tehnoma 2015.
Companies DTK Smart-tech and HAS Engineering LTD spoke at the Forum for innovations and technologies about the development of innovations with startups and academic spin-off companies, while the new fund in the Macedonian market, South Central Ventures presented the possibilities to finance innovations and innovative companies. Crimson Capital Coo spoke about the same possibility, about the project Innovation Financing Vehicle. DTK Smart-tech, as the only spin-off company that was awarded a grant by FITR in the first call for financing, was in the focus of the discussions about the necessity of collaboration between science and industry.
At the Tehnoma 2015 fair, DTK Smart-tech presented its products at the stand of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Tehcnologies.