Successful cooperation with Silgan Metal Packaging

DTK Smart-tech is a company working in the area of development and implementation of systems for measurement, analysis and management of energy. Such systems contribute to increasing the energy efficiency of companies, thus saving money in terms of energy. The savings are particularly emphasized in companies from the industrial sector (metallurgy, food processing, mechanics and other industries), but also in other companies from the public sector (administrative and residential buildings, schools, shopping centers and so on).
The company was established as a spin-off company of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies in 2015 and is financially aided by the Fund for Innovations Technology Development. The primary activity of the company is development of hardware and software solutions in the field of management and control of electricity, as well as their adaptation to meet specific user requirements.
One of the companies benefiting from these energy management systems is “Silgan Metal Packaging” – a tin packaging company that used Smart-tech’s services for a few months. Zoran Trajkovski, Silgan’s responsible technician stated the following:
“Over the past few months we have cooperated with DTK Smart-tech and have reached important conclusions related to our electricity consumption as a result, as well as opportunities for immediate and long-term savings. Besides measuring and monitoring, Smart-tech’s systems offer a web-based solution which enabled our management to remotely monitor the work process. In addition to the data, we received expert opinion on our work process from a team that is a blend of experience and young engineering enthusiasm.”
In a time of increased consumption of electricity, companies considering and implementing energy management systems are of importance. Macedonia is a developing country which sees a yearly increase in consumption, which is contrary to the world's energy efficiency policy.