Virtual Signal Generator

DTK Smart-tech, in line with the cooperation with SETUGS “Mihajlo Pupin” developed and produced a virtual function signal generator. The hardware and software for the function generator have fully been developed, designed and manufactured, which can be used separately, with other laboratory instruments and is also used for the laboratory exercises that DTK Smart-tech developed for the school. The instrument can be used with a personal computer. The USB power supply makes the generator easily useable as a portable instrument.
The instrument has the following features:

Development of Laboratory Exercises and Instrumentation for SETUGS "Mihajlo Pupin"

The teaching process in secondary technical schools faces continuous challenges. How to educate personnel capable of responding to the needs of state of the art technologies, and possesses know-how and skills, is the question these schools need to answer. It is this necessity of the labor market that creates an obligation before secondary technical schools to organize a teaching process which will prioritize creating young and qualified technical personnel, ready to respond to contemporary challenges in their field.