Who will have access to the measured data on the internet?

You have full access to the measured data. Access is possible to one or more responsible employees of your company. Specific privileges or restrictions can be set at your demand.

Will I need an expert employee after the installation of the system?

Besides the professional help DTK Smart-tech offers in analyzing and tracking of the results from the energy management system, we also offer short trainings for candidates with basic technical knowledge in the area, in order to ensure maximal utilization of the system.

Колку ќе ме чинат овие системи?

Цената зависи од бројот на мерни единици, поставеноста и димензиите на вашата инсталација, што значи варира за секој тип на индустрија посебно.

Is the ISO 50001 standard included with these systems?

Energy management systems are necessary during the implementation of the ISO 50001 standard. This is an effective way to check in which areas of your work you can save.

Why do I need an energy management system?

Energy management systems enable tracking, planning and managing of the consumption of electrical energy, as well as review of the effectiveness of the actions taken to reduce it.

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